Should You Work Online?

Since last year, I have been working online as a social media manager for a Europe-based company. I never thought I’ll be working from home, but I’m so thankful for everything that has happened that led me to where I am now. I bet many of you envy me and fellow online workers for we don’t worry about commuting to and from work, and you’re jealous of all the perks we enjoy. And with that thought, you wonder, or maybe even about to ask me about where to start to work online.
work online

Many of my friends, and even relatives, have asked me about working online. Because of this, I have many posts lined up where I tell you or share with you my stories, and tips on how you can land an online job. There are many factors you need to take note and be prepared for. Work online may look inviting, but there are also disadvantages that come along with working from home. But, really, the good outweighs the bad, so stay tuned for my posts about this.

Among the many factors you need to consider are the fact that most work online happen at night and are done through various online tools like chat programs, time tracking software where your employer will monitor the time spent on projects for your salary computations, social media tools, copywriting, document-handling software (available online and offline) and more. You need to be ready for this. You should be good in tinkering with tools, and you need to be a fast learner since training will happen online. Trainings done are not as comprehensive as in an office. Your learning curve really depends on how well you focus on what you’re trying to learn.

Which leads me to the next factor to consider: your environment. Is your home conducive enough for you to be working? How about distractions? You have to make sure you have a space in your house where you can focus on your work since your employer would most probably monitor your hours spent on projects or tasks.

Online work may sound easy, but you’d be surprised by how much stress you’d also experience. Work online at home is actually no different from an office job because you still deal with people, employers, time management, high pressure tasks or assignments, and problems like internet or computer issues. So, before you quit that 9-5 job to venture into online work, take all these into consideration. And if you still want to consider working online, keep posted on this blog.

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